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Shangri-La Massage Therapy

Jeannine Jonsson (LMP) Lic# MA60230458


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I graduated from Everest College (Seattle) with Honors in June 2011. My reason for becoming a Massage Therapist is to make a difference in people’s lives. Being a Massage Therapist gives me the opportunity to help one’s body to heal itself. Our bodies are truly miracles and it’s so amazing how all the different systems work together to maintain our lives – and Massage is such a gift to most of (if not all) the systems of our bodies. I believe as a society that we are healthy touch deprived and it’s so nice to be able to contribute back and make a difference!

My touch is firm, therapeutic and caring. I enjoy working with myofascial release and energy flow in the body and believe that a good massage can connect the body, mind and spirit (which helps the body heal or "fix" itself.) 



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