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Shangri-La Massage Therapy

 Sarah Mustain, LMT, Owner
My family moved to the PNW when I was 9. We have been here ever since, and I love it here. My soul resonates with the beautiful landscape and the loveliness of the colors and change of the seasons. 

I graduated top of my class from Renton Technical College, and have been licensed and practicing since 2007. I have always been fascinated by the human body and try to take every opportunity to increase the knowledge I have already gained. I have always received great joy from using my knowledge to help people feel better and lead healthier and happier lives. 
I love helping people feel good, it's just what I do. 

When I was younger I would give family members neck and shoulder rubs to make them feel better. Later when I was trying to figure out my career path, my mom reminded me of this, and that is when I decided I would pursue massage therapy.  
After massage school, I decided I wanted to do more than your everyday type of fluffy relaxation massage.  I have taken many additional training hours since becoming licensed to better understand and work with orthopedic conditions.  I utilize an integrative approach to healing musculoskeletal pain and trauma; my emphasis is on pain management, rehabilitation, and injury prevention.  Some of the modalities I use are: myofascial release, postural integration (PI), structural integration, neuromuscular massage, massage cupping, and muscle energy technique. 
I opened Shangri-La Massage Therapy in March of 2008 after working at other clinics. I am now achieving my goal of running and working at a clinic with wellness and healing in mind. I have been blessed to make it as far as I have--even more so to have continued growth in my professional and personal life. I am doing what I feel I am meant to do in life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

In my spare time I enjoy camping and hiking with my Husband and almost 4yo Son. I am also an avid reader and play the occasional online video game. Family is very important to me, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my parents, siblings, and their children.
I am focusing on being a mom and work life balance. I work 3 days a week-mostly with exhisting clients, but always welcome new bodies on my table. 
I look forward to being a part of your healing and feel-good process, and I hope to see you on my table soon.


Bonnie Parrill, LMT
I've been a Certified Nursing Assistant for many years and went into Massage to continue to help people with their health in a more meaningful way. I attended Spectrum Center School of Massage and became licensed in 2011.
My massage style is Swedish, with a focus on treatment work and deep tissue as necessary. I have and intra-oral endorsement, which allows me to work the muscles and tissues inside the mouth, in order to treat TMJ disorders, chronic migraine, jaw or face pain, and other ailments caused by tight musculature in the face and jaw. I also use negative pressure cups, hot stones, warm and cold packs to provide treatment and comfort.  I have additional training in Polarity, Structural Release Therapy, and other energy work.  I like to work with the client to provide a modality and pressure level that works for them and their needs.
Outside of massage I enjoy reading, sewing, needlework, walking, and Netflix. I have a cat, Bagheera, who is a lively addition to our family.